If you’re looking to transition from a car to a truck, there are several important factors to consider knowing what to expect. It may seem as if shopping for a pickup truck is the same as browsing for a car; however, there is much more to be prepared for. In addition to picking the color, style and size, you always have to compare prices and understand how pickup trucks differ from cars.


NK Vehicle Repairs has prepared and assembled a straightforward checklist of the important factors to help navigate the pickup truck shopping process. Read on for a helpful guide below.

1. Mid-size or Full-size Pickup Truck

It’s important to think about what you plan to use the pickup truck for, whether frequently for work or just for sporadic drives. A mid-size truck is ideal for truck owners that will not have to haul heavy loads and mainly use the truck for leisure driving. This type of pickup truck is much easier to navigate, park and reverse on a daily basis. If you need a pickup truck with a large bed for cargo or need to tow a trailer, you should invest in a full-size, large truck. Once you decide on which type of truck you want, you can then decide on whether you are comfortable with a two or four-wheel drive.

2. Light, Medium Or Heavy-Duty

Once you decide on the type of tow you want, you should figure out how much the pickup truck weighs and include the weight of a trailer. This allows you to choose between a light-duty truck, medium or heavy-duty. The truck weights are often based and identified numerically going by 1500, 2500 and 3500 or 150, 250 and 350. It is crucial to properly size the truck to ensure you’re getting the truck that you need and don’t have more trucks that may cost more to fill up or a light-duty that will be unable to haul what you require.

3. Bed and Cab Size

Truck manufacturers commonly offer at least three to four cab sizes. The crew-cab trucks often have four full-sized doors and ample truck seating to accommodate extensive, cross-country travel. Double-cab trucks also have four doors; however, the rear doors are often smaller than the others and the truck has less legroom. Extended cabs are also slightly smaller, and the rear doors hinge slightly outward and stay in place unless the front door is opened. The regular cab is the smallest type of truck with a single row of seating and a small amount of space between each seat.


Now that you have a comprehensive checklist of what to look for before buying a pickup truck, it’s time to start your shopping. Whether you buy a new or used pickup truck, all vehicles will require repairs at some point. NK Vehicle Repairs truck repair services are affordable, fast and effective to keep you safe on the road. Schedule a car repair or truck repair with us to book your appointment.