If you own a truck, we’re sure you’re used to the power you feel when you rev your engine, but what if we told you there are ways you could increase it even more? We’ve put together a list of things you can do, from the little things to major upgrades, in order to boost the power in your pickup. Keep reading to learn more.

Get Your Truck A Tune-up

Keeping on top of your truck’s maintenance is one simple thing you can do to ensure your systems are running properly. This won’t increase your horsepower, per se, but it might return some lost horsepower from systems that weren’t running efficiently. For example, clogged air filters can starve your vehicle. Replacing them is usually cheap and easy, and a great way to improve performance.

Install A Cold Air Intake

There is some debate about the positive effects of a cold air intake but they are proven to increase your truck’s efficiency, which translates to better performance. A cold air intake increases efficiency by taking warm air from the outside and turning it into cold air. Cooler air is more dense than warm air and contains more oxygen. More oxygen to your engine means more fuel efficiency.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Objects

This is another simple thing to do: get rid of any objects in your bed that don’t need to be there! Every pound of cargo you are hauling will work to slow your truck down and take away some of its power. Once you clean out your truck, you’ll free up some of that power.

Install An Aftermarket Exhaust

Getting an aftermarket exhaust installed is a quick and easy way to add more horsepower to your truck. Your stock muffler is meant to be quiet rather than be efficient, so replacing it with a quality aftermarket exhaust system will help increase your power, depending on the size of your truck’s engine.

Install An Engine Tuner

Like your stock exhaust, your stock engine tuner usually isn’t the best for getting the maximum levels of horsepower in your truck. You’ll want to re-program your truck if you want to gain more power. Doing so can increase your power from 10hp to a whopping 50hp.

Consider Installing Superchargers And Turbochargers

Both a supercharger and turbocharger will help give you that extra push in power. Both are forced induction systems, this means that they compress air that’s going into the engine providing a big boost. They each get their power in different ways, so this affects performance. Superchargers have no lag and are a little more reliable than turbochargers. Whereas turbochargers are more efficient, more durable, and more affordable and are suited for bigger engines.

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