It is not uncommon to forget the last time you changed your transmission fluid or if you’ve ever done it at all. However, when the transmission is neglected, it begins to lose its lubrication, becomes dirty and loses its temperature resisting components. The result can often be drastic to your vehicle, causing various transmission problems such as overheating, jerking and slipping. The ultimate consequence is the complete transmission failure.

To save you time and avoid the cost of a transmission replacement, NK Vehicle Repairs has compiled a guide of the four signs to look out for that indicate your car is in need of transmission flush.

1. Grinding or Odd Noises From Transmission

When a vehicle transmission has become built up with dirt, debris, grease or sludge, you may begin to hear strange noises coming from your transmission while driving. If this occurs, ensure you stop your vehicle and check its transmission fluid level while the car’s engine is running. If the colour of the transmission fluid is a bright red instead of a brown or black colour, it may be due to the grime or dirt. However, if the fluid level and colour are fine, your car may require a transmission flush.

2. Difficulties Shifting Gears

Whether your vehicle is an automatic or manual, it requires clean transmission fluid to allow it to flow more easily over the transmission. When there is a build-up of debris or sludge on the transmission, it will respond to direction sluggishly, which will result in the car changing gears either too quickly or too slowly while driving. If you have a manual car and this is the case, you may not be able to change gears at all.

3. Slipping Gears

A dirty transmission may cause the hydraulic power to decrease and the same can occur if there is not enough transmission fluid in the vehicle. To have the vehicle stay in particular gear, the transmission must have sufficient pressure. If there is build-up on the transmission, that will interfere with its ability to allow transmission fluid to flow properly. The transmission may need to be flushed out to get rid of the dirt and contaminants that have built upon it.

4. Vehicle Surging

Your vehicle may do some weird jolting and surging when you’re driving it. The cause may be a build-up of grime or dirt on the transmission that is preventing proper transmission fluid to flow, which is causing the vehicle to surge forward and fall back for seemingly no reason. 


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