Foggy headlights can make for dangerous driving conditions, which is why drivers need to take the right precautions to make sure this won’t be a problem. Foggy lenses will affect your headlight’s effectiveness because the light emanating from them will be a lot less clear. Exposure to UV rays and other factors will affect the plastic headlight lenses and, over time, the outer layers of the plastic will start to break down and degrade. As a result, the lenses will absorb blue light from the bulbs causing a yellowish light to be emitted, which is a lot less potent.

If your headlights are foggy, you don’t have to worry because you can clean them quite easily and you don’t need a ton of supplies to do it. You will need a cleansing kit, baking soda, or toothpaste as well as old towels, a soft-bristled brush, mild cleanser, access to water, and latex gloves if you have sensitive skin.

The first step will be to clean the surface to eliminate all of the dirt and debris. Use the mild cleanser and wipe away all of the dirt from the plastic gently. This will help you get rid of dead bugs and gunk that inevitably accumulate on the surface. Once this step is complete and you have a clean surface, you can proceed by drying the surface with a dry towel or rag. So that the plastic is moisture-free.

Next, you need to apply a fair amount of cleanser, which can either be from the headlight restoration kit you purchased, toothpaste, or baking soda. Apply it in thick amounts over the headlight lenses and leave it on the lens to dry. It is recommended that you leave your cleanser for a few minutes for the best results. Once the cleanser has dried a little, it’s time to remove it using your brush, which you’ll have to do in a circular motion. Make sure you get around the entire surface and use your brush gently because excessive force is not necessary as the cleanser is abrasive and you want to prevent it from gouging into the surface of your plastic. As you brush the lens you will notice the fogginess start to disappear and your lens will no longer appear yellow.

The final step is to clean off any excess cleanser using your clean towel. Stubborn or dried bits will come off with clean water that you can spritz directly over these areas and polish until all of the cleansers are gone and your lens is completely dry. Following these steps will result in increased visibility and brighter headlights.

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