There are plenty of things that can cause a semi-truck to break down; it can be a surprisingly complicated overall system, with plenty of parts and subsystems that can cause issues should anything break.

There are five common breakdowns, however, that any driver should keep an eye out for.


Brake failure can be absolutely detrimental to a semi-truck, especially if it happens at the worst possible time. A variety of issues can cause brake failure, such as corrosion, so it’s incredibly important to do regular check-ups


Semi-trucks have plenty of important electrical systems that are important to the truck’s overall function. If any electrical system fails, no matter how small, it can cause massive damage. You should always have dedicated technicians do checks on your truck’s electrical systems to make sure everything’s working and catch any issue before it compounds itself.


Tire problems are easily one of the biggest issues semi-truck drivers must deal with. If your tires suffer from poor maintenance, then they can fail on you under the worst circumstances. Always make sure to keep an eye on your tires’ wear, air pressure, and any other potential issues


A semi-truck won’t function without a good engine. You should always keep up with regular engine check-ups and maintenance to make sure everything’s working smoothly and to nip any potential issues in the bud. While newer models have more efficient engines, older trucks can have an increased risk of breakdowns and other complications


No matter how well you take care of your truck, it’s inevitable that your truck will eventually fail due to its age. However, if you treat your truck right, it can go farther than you might think.

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