Don’t Miss an Oil Change

Oil changes are essential to the proper running of your vehicle. Certain manufacturers will recommend changes after a certain number of miles or time for certain models. If your truck is older and has high mileage, you should always change the filter alongside your oil. Always be sure to pick the best oil for your needs.

Rotate Your Tires

Alongside oil changes, rotating your tires at the same time helps ensure even wear across the tire. Not only can you extend your tire life, but it also gives you a smoother ride and reduces the stress on the truck’s suspension.

Keep Your Tires Balanced

You should also balance your tires while rotating them. Without proper tire balance, vibration can occur and increase suspension wear alongside uneven tire wear.

Alignment Is Key

If your truck is pulling to the side, it’s time for an alignment. Both aggressive driving and going high-speed over rough roads means increased chances of misalignment; this consequently means higher wear and tear on tires, typically worse gas mileage, and poor road handling. It can also happen if your tires are unevenly inflated. Make sure to keep your load properly secured, evenly spread, and all your tires inflated to proper pressure.

Check Your Lights

Paying attention to your lights is vital. Dim lights could mean electrical problems, while burnt out ones can be incredibly dangerous and lead to fines. Also, make sure to have a stock of spare fuses on hand.

Proper Fluid Levels

Keeping an eye on essential fluids means a happy and long-lived truck; this includes oil, coolant, and windshield fluid. Refill as needed and pay attention to any funny or strange smells.

Fresh Air and Engines

Engines work best with clean air, especially old ones. You should swap filters every 15,000 to 30,000 miles to ensure proper flow. Clean filters help your engine last longer and can optimize its efficiency and acceleration.

Proper Driving Conditions

Pay attention to where you’re driving. Depending on these conditions, they can dictate your truck’s maintenance schedules and needs; some conditions even require special maintenance, such as dusty areas.


Knowing when to consult an expert can make all the difference to your truck’s life. Most automakers have specialized checks at their dealerships, while qualified technicians can spot potential issues before they compound into bigger problems. This keeps you safe, and your truck lasts longer.


Your truck’s manual will have everything you need to keep your truck running. Whether it’s cleaning, optimal fluids, or maintenance checklists, it’s all there in the manual.

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